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The last original gaming line to be set in the Classic World of Darkness, Orpheus tackles the world of the dead following the events of the Sixth Great Maelstrom. A corporation called the Orpheus Group has learned and perfected the art of projection, allowing people who have undergone near-death experiences to leave their bodies and enter the spirit realm. The company uses these employees, along with allied ghosts, as agents, and contracts them out to clients for investigations into hauntings, fumigating raging spirits, and other spooky tasks. the powers of Orpheus personnel depend on two energies, one positive and one negative. The positive force is Vitality, which can be used to power Horrors (see Shades) or allow a spirit or projector to manifest and appear as a living human. Ghosts with higher Vitality are independent and have their living personality fully intact. Low Vitality ghosts may not even realize they are dead and are doomed to repeat the same actions over and over unless they somehow accumulate Vitality and transcend, or accumulate Spite and become a Spectre. Vitality is accumulated through positive actions and resting, and is very similar to Wraith’s Pathos.

Spite is the opposite; spirits gain spite through negative actions, and if a character accumulates too much, they may become a Spectre. Although it can be used to fuel Horrors, it causes twisted and dark effects to occur and gives the user less control than if they had used Vitality. Spite can also be used to fuel Stains, abilities that reflect a character’s darker side; constant use of a Stain, however, can cause a character gain Spite instead if they are not careful. Spite is similar to Angst in Wraith.

All ghosts and projectors also have a set of abilities in common, unrelated to their Shade or Lament. These are the ability to see the dead while corporal or incorporeal, to be incorporeal and invisible while a projecting or a ghost, and the power to manifest in the living world in order to interact with things as if living.

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